Web API v2 & New Datasets

Web API v2

We just released the second iteration of our web API, you can find the new documentation here.

If you don’t have an API key yet, head over to SimFin and get one.

The new web API is much faster and offers a lot more functionality, for example it’s now possible for all queries to specify the ticker instead of the SimFin ID. It’s also possible now to retrieve multiple tickers and time periods at once (although this is reserved for SimFin+ users), what makes the data retrieval process very quick.

We also improved the format of the data returned from the API a lot, making it much more compact and hopefully easier to work with. You can find the new documentation here and some first examples here. As always, we’d be happy to hear your feedback.

New Datasets

We also released some new datasets for SimFin+ users for the bulk download. You can now access derived figures & ratios for fundamentals and also historic price related ratios (so you can basically easily retrieve daily Enterprise Value figures for the last 10+ years for all companies for example). These datasets can be found here and here.
As non-SimFin+ user, you can still calculate these ratios yourself using our Python API for example, so this is more of a convenient service for our SimFin+ subscribers rather than limiting the data we offer to our normal users. All the ratios can be accessed in the new web API as well of course.

Next Steps

The rework of the web API concludes our efforts of improving our data distribution endpoints. We will now focus again more on expanding our dataset. We will start to tackle extracting more periods for the US companies as well as covering the European markets. The advances with the PDF extraction were paused in the last months due to the rework of the APIs, now that this is done, we will continue our work on that front.

Thanks for using SimFin, if you have any feedback, please post it in our forum or write us an e-mail. Also a special thanks to all our SimFin+ subscribers, every subscription helps us a lot in our efforts to improve the service.